Teaching Experience

Teaching Experience (ANU)

2016     eMarketing (UG)

2015     Introduction to Marketing (UG), Services Marketing (UG, PG)

2014     Social Marketing (UG), Introduction to Marketing (UG, PG), Services Marketing (PG)

2013     Social Marketing (UG), Introduction to Marketing (PG)

2012     Marketing Research (UG), Social Marketing (UG)

2011     Marketing Strategy (PG), Social Marketing (UG, PG), Introduction to Marketing (UG, PG)

2010     Social Marketing (UG), Marketing Strategy (UG, PG), Business Decision Making (UG, PG)

2009     Consumer Behaviour (UG), Social Marketing (UG),

2008     Consumer Behaviour (UG, PG), eMarketing (UG, PG),

2007     Introduction to Marketing (UG), eMarketing (UG, PG),

Marketing Management (UG), Services Marketing (PG)

2006     Marketing Management (UG), eMarketing (UG),
Non Profit and Government Marketing (UG) Services Marketing (PG)


Teaching Experience

QUT (2004-2005): Strategic Use of IT; E-business


Griffith University (1997-2002) eMarketing; Social Marketing; Marketing Communications; Services Marketing; Consumer Behaviour; Marketing in the 21st Century.